The Farm

Sopori Creek and Farm offers more than 300 acres of irrigated land in a highly accessible area close to I-19. It is a superb location to establish an agricultural “lab” and apprenticeship program that is focused on developing innovative practices in the use of water, crop selection, and growing techniques that will be essential for sustainable arid-land farming and ranching practices. Producers in the region could test and evaluate their techniques at Sopori Creek and Farm. The Farm has unusual grandfathered water rights that make its water future comparatively reliable.

At Sopori Creek and Farm we can:

  • Discover and develop ranching practices that will be part of the solution to climate change adaptation
  • Grow arid adapted crops
  • Partner with local restaurants and bakeries to increase demand for native crops
  • Protect shallow groundwater on Sopori Creek and Farm – through state-of-the-art farming practices