Groundwater holds the whole landscape together.

Laurel Lacher, Lacher Hydrological Consulting


What makes Sopori Creek and Farm a critical conservation target is water. It is one of only five major shallow groundwater systems that survive in the vicinity of Tucson. Sopori Creek is a vital drainage for approximately 30,000 acres. The creek ultimately drains into the Santa Cruz River on its way to Tucson. The Santa Cruz River is the centerpiece of the Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Area, which encompasses the watershed of the Santa Cruz River – from Nogales and Patagonia, through Tucson to Marana.

Outstanding features include:

  • Intact riparian area
  • Senior grandfathered water rights
  • 300+ irrigated acres
  • Rare shallow groundwater

Benefit of preservation

The loss of Sopori Creek and Farm to intense residential development would disrupt the natural flow of floodwaters, potentially leading to more catastrophic flooding downstream. The increased use of water for residential purposes would lower water tables for ranchers, farmers and the relict riparian system along the creek. Lower groundwater would also dry up the springs and reliable seasonal flows crucial to indigenous and migrating wildlife.

The Water Map

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